Even if you are not planning on wearing shorts or a bathing suit any time soon, it can still be beneficial to get rid of your unwanted thigh fat. One of the most common problems that many people complain about, in regard to their physical appearance, is overly chubby thighs. Here are a couple of great thigh fat burning workouts that you can start doing today, to get rid of your unwanted thigh fat.

1. Intensive Walking. This is one of the easiest exercises to do, because it simply involves using walking to reduce the fat on your thighs. Take note that the name of this exercise is “intensive walking” and not regular walking. A casual stroll will not be enough to give you the effects that you are looking for. While you walk, it is crucial to put some serious effort into it. If there is an uphill place around your home, take advantage of that and use it to increase the difficulty of your workout. Treadmills are a great alternative to traditional walking, but it helps to be able to set your machine to an incline of around fifteen percent. Twenty minutes of walking per day will do, on a walking machine, but half an hour is preferable for natural walking.

2. Calf raises. This is another easy exercise that you can do without any special equipment. You simply need to find a step to use, or something similar that will let you get yourself of the ground. Stand on the step, with the heels of your feet hanging off the edge, and raise yourself up on the balls of the feet. Next, lower yourself down as far as you can go. This second part is important, and it is why a step is used.

It seems that infographics are everywhere  nowadays and for those who are unaware of what an infographic actually is the name is pretty self explanatory, it’s a graphic that relays information! Well it seems that there are graphics on just about everything and hemorrhoids is no exception, although there doesn’t seem to be a huge abundance of them I have to say.

Anyway, I will post those infographics that I find particularly interesting, not just those about hemorrhoids, throughout this blog as and when I stumble across them.

Todays ‘find’ is entitled The Truth About Hemorrhoids.

The Truth About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid CausesMost people tend to think of hemorrhoids as being a problem in their own right, and in an extremely low number of cases they might well be right, but usually hemorrhoids are the result of some other problem or issue.

The main cause of hemorrhoids is straining. The amount of pressure we put the veins in our anus under because of straining when evacuating our bowel results in a weakening of the vein walls. This weakening causes what can be described as a type of herniation of the vein where it suddenly swells and visibly sticks out from the bowel wall. This doesn’t necessarily cause discomfort or pain initially but it will become irritated by regular bowel movements, particularly when the stool is hard.

Straining can be avoided by ensuring a good amount of fiber is contained within your diet and that you also drink enough water.

In fact most of the causes of hemorrhoids are the same in the fact that they all place pressure upon the veins in the anal region in one way or another; rushing to empty bowel, diarrhea, constipation, obesity and being overweight, childbirth and pregnancy, excessive standing or sitting, and lifting heavy objects.

Prevention of hemorrhoids comes down to two things, your diet and exercise. Get these two things right and you drastically reduce the likelihood of an attack of hemorrhoids.

A person with a good diet drinking plenty of water will evacuate their bowel once or twice a day and do so with ease as the stool will always be of a soft consistency. Individual’s with a bad diet will have bad bowel control, either running to the bathroom many times a day or, not going for days at a time. These individuals will experience very runny or extremely hard and compacted stools, either way they will eventually experience hemorrhoids.

Exercise will always help the body function better, and this includes your bowel. It will strengthen muscle tissues and improve blood flow making lifting things easier. Exercise will keep you healthier in general and where hemorrhoids are concerned it will help you keep your bowel movements regular. One thing to consider here is that an increased fluid intake will be necessary as you will lose fluids through exercise.

how to get rid of hemorrhoidsIt doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing hemorrhoids for the first time or if it’s the umpteenth time you have suffered with them, you will undoubtedly want to know how to get rid of them quickly and efficiently and there are two possible routes you can go down. The first option is to learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently and for more information about this you would be better to visit – http://howtogetridofhemorrhoidsinfo.com.

The other option is to only treat the immediate symptoms of hemorrhoids and that is what most people want to do to begin with. So, with that being the case, I will dispense with all the info about what hemorrhoids are and why they occur, and save that for another post. Here we will just go over what you can do to get as near instant relief from those annoyingly painful little lumps as you can get.

If you are 100% positive it is a hemorrhoid you have then the easiest way to get some fast relief is to purchase one of the many topical creams available over-the-counter at your local drugstore and follow the instructions. If you are not completely sure that hemorrhoids is the problem then my advice would be to get the problem checked out by your doctor. It is highly likely your doctor will tell you that the problem is hemorrhoids, but it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Now there may well be some of you that would rather avoid lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies by not purchasing their creams or, you may just want to follow a natural course of treatment, or it may simply be the case that the drugstore is closed and you are desperate for some relief. Well whatever the reason, you are in luck! There are a number of things you can use to provide relief from hemorrhoids the most basic of these is to take a sitz bath.

A sitz bath is basically a shallow bath of warm to hot water that you dunk your butt into! The warmth of the water will help ease the irritation and discomfort you are feeling down there. You can add a number of things to the water that will also help like witch hazel, salt, bicarbonate of soda, Vicks vapor rub, essential oils and even tea, which acts as an astringent, helping the hemorrhoid shrink.

If a sitz bath doesn’t do it for you, or you want something else then applying ice to the hemorrhoid will also provide relief and help the hemorrhoid to shrink.

My personal favorite is to apply a paste of crushed garlic and olive oil to the external hemorrhoid. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties as well as acting as a superb astringent. It’s not uncommon for a hemorrhoid to shrink by up to 75% very soon after applying garlic relieving much of the pain to boot. Although it’s not a natural cure for hemorrhoids, Vicks vapor rub can also be a very effective remedy for hemorrhoids.

Now for some warnings!

If your external hemorrhoid is bleeding or the skin on it is broken in any way you might find that applying garlic or Vicks can be quite painful in itself and you might just think that your butt is on fire. They will both still provide the same results just with quite an intense burning sensation to start with.

It is not advisable to use Vicks for treating internal hemorrhoids although garlic is perfectly good for this, and you can either insert a peeled clove or make some homemade suppositories as shown in the video below AND pregnant ladies take note… the lady in the video is pregnant so this homemade treatment is ideal for you.